Fixed Wireless Access

Delivering Seamless Internet and Wi-Fi Access at a Remote Marina

Customer Success: Family-Owned and Operated Boat Marina

Providing internet connectivity in remote areas is challenging and involves overcoming numerous obstacles. Innovative solutions and technologies are required to bridge the connectivity gap and ensure sustainable internet access.

In this customer success story, we will explore how a marina operator successfully addressed the lack of internet connectivity options and enabled Wi-Fi access for boat slips and common areas with the BEC 4700AZ Outdoor LTE Router with Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi Hotspot. … Read More

St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD) in Longmont, Colorado

Case Study: VALL Technologies and St. Vrain Valley School District

VALL Technologies selected the BEC GigaConnect® 6500AEL Series of CBRS Multi-Service LTE Routers. The routers are designed for fast deployments and support zero-touch provisioning allowing hassle-free self-installation whereby the students simply power on and instantly connect. The 6500AEL provides robust connectivity over CBRS with carrier aggregation for increased data rates, Wi-Fi 5 802.11ac, 4-port Gigabit Ethernet, and strong firewall security. In addition, the 6500AEL delivers persistent connectivity and data rates up to 50 Mbps downlink, providing more than enough bandwidth for students. … Read More

BEC customer success story -- LTE Connectivity for FSPO vessels

Customer Success: Guyana Telephone and Telegraph

Offering offshore LTE connectivity to vessels presents several challenges. GTT selected the BEC 7000 R24 Gigabit LTE Outdoor Router for its deployment. The 7000 R24 exceeded expectations delivering a secure, reliable, and high-speed internet connection to 30km from the tower and the FSPO.

This internet connection is essential for applications, including remote monitoring and control of operations, data collection and analysis, video conferencing, crew training, and safety briefings. … Read More

BEC's industrial connectivity solution delivers reliable and robust connections to a large-scale RTK network of a smart agriculture company in Rural Texas

Customer Success: Smart Agriculture Company in Rural Texas

As carriers shuttered their GSM/CDMA networks, the Smart Agriculture company was forced to find a solution based on 4G LTE technology. They selected the BEC MX-230 M1 Industrial M2M Router to provide internet connectivity as well as data collection and remote access to RTK base station equipment. … Read More

ATM Backhaul over LTE for Electric Coop in Arizona

Customer Success: Electric Cooperative in Arizona

The BEC MX-200A LTE-A Industrial Router was the perfect option to connect to the AMI collectors, providing highly reliable, secure, and cost-effective connectivity. The highly compact and versatile platform is full-featured, integrating robust cellular connectivity, active GPS, multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, RS-232 serial device IP connectivity, and enterprise-level functionality such as advanced security mechanisms, Quality of Service (QoS), SPI firewall, VPN Termination, and auto-failover for unparalleled uptime and network redundancy. … Read More

Southern Linc deploys the BEC 4900 R21 to deliver high-speed data connectivity over CBRS to Alabama Power's Mobile Command Center at The World Games 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Case Study: Southern Linc and Alabama Power

The 11th edition of The World Games, an international sporting event, took place in Birmingham, Alabama, on July 7-17, 2022. The event hosted 3,600 of the world’s best athletes from 99 nations to compete in 33 unique, multi-discipline sports. Alabama Powers Mobile Command Center, which served as the hub for all World Game site logistics, lacked reliable connectivity. As a result, Southern Linc deployed the BEC 4900 R21 Outdoor CBRS Router and resolved all connectivity issues, providing a reliable, high-capacity, and high-speed data connection throughout the event. … Read More


Due to the challenging nature of deployment locations, the cellular internet service quality DOCOMO PACIFIC offered is greatly impacted by the reduced signal quality, leading to significantly lower-than-expected data rates and overall poor subscriber experience. The robust and high-performance CPE solutions from BEC Technologies helped DOCOMO address the challenging issues and enabled them to offer new value-added services. … Read More

Customer Success: Outer Reach Broadband

Supported by the strategic partners, Xtreme LTE, Ericsson, and BEC Technologies, Outer Reach successfully provided over 500 homes of Long Lake in the towns of Harrison and Naples with high-speed, reliable internet service at an affordable price. … Read More

Case Study: Silver Star Communications

The 6200WZL 4G/LTE Broadband Router delivers broadband access without boundaries for many consumers, businesses, and service providers. There are still many regions have not yet covered by the “minimum broadband standard,” defined by the FCC, and in these rural areas, fixed wireless broadband is the ideal broadband deployment technology. With the implementation of this LTE network, in conjunction with the BEC routers, Silver Star Communications has successfully been achieving reliable coverage in rural Star Valley. … Read More

Case Study: Custer Telephone Cooperative Inc.

For Custer Telephone and many other similar environments, BEC Technologies’ equipment has proven its ability to easily handle the rigors of providing reliable internet services to the unserved and underserved communities. BEC customers expect increased stability and better overall performance, resulting in less maintenance than other products in the industry.

BEC’s CPE offerings have helped Custer Telephone save on truck rolls and time spent on the phone with their customers. Service with great up time is what makes Custer Telephones’ customers happy. When Ben was asked why he would recommend BEC, he responded with, “BEC products just work. One less thing I have to worry about as an IT Manager.” … Read More