6200 Series

Case Study: Silver Star Communications

The 6200WZL 4G/LTE Broadband Router delivers broadband access without boundaries for many consumers, businesses, and service providers. There are still many regions have not yet covered by the “minimum broadband standard,” defined by the FCC, and in these rural areas, fixed wireless broadband is the ideal broadband deployment technology. With the implementation of this LTE network, in conjunction with the BEC routers, Silver Star Communications has successfully been achieving reliable coverage in rural Star Valley. … Read More

Case Study: Custer Telephone Cooperative Inc.

For Custer Telephone and many other similar environments, BEC Technologies’ equipment has proven its ability to easily handle the rigors of providing reliable internet services to the unserved and underserved communities. BEC customers expect increased stability and better overall performance, resulting in less maintenance than other products in the industry.

BEC’s CPE offerings have helped Custer Telephone save on truck rolls and time spent on the phone with their customers. Service with great up time is what makes Custer Telephones’ customers happy. When Ben was asked why he would recommend BEC, he responded with, “BEC products just work. One less thing I have to worry about as an IT Manager.” … Read More

BEC Technologies case study with customer West Central Wireless

Case Study: West Central Wireless

West Central Wireless deployed the 6200WZL R4/R5, 6800RUL R4/R5, MX-1000 and LRMS LTE remote management system. Since the deployment of BEC products, West Central Wireless has noticed increased stability, extended range and increased performance. Remote management impacted their bottom line by enabling efficient support and increasing device uptime. BEC offers US based support out of Dallas, TX and have been on-site many times through the service launch to ensure successful deployment. … Read More

BEC Technologies Case study in Bugg Island Telephone Cooperative

Case Study: Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative

In this and many other similar environments, BEC Technologies equipment has proven itself able to easily handle the rigors of providing reliable Internet services to the un-served and underserved communities. BEC provides the highest level of services and reaches an expanded customer base. Our customers expect increased stability, extended range and increased performance from our products with very few problems compared to other products. BEC’s products outperform other products and improve quality of services for their customers. … Read More

BEC Technologies customer success story from MobiNet LLC

Customer Sucess: MobiNet LLC

In order to ensure the best possible range, speed and reliability, MobiNet began in-depth testing of various CPE to find the best match for its service offerings and quality standards. As a result of those tests, MobiNet has chosen the BEC 6200 Series IDU and 6800 Series ODU as their CPE products for their current and future network expansion. … Read More

LigTel Communication Partnering with BEC Technologies

Customer Success: LigTel Communication

As a 5+ year customer of BEC Technologies, LigTel looked to BEC for options regarding a stable and high performance 4G/LTE CPE solution after benefits from the reliable BEC 7402 and 5200 Series DSL products. After consultation with LigTel’s LTE deployment team regarding their product and network requirements, BEC introduced the 6200WZL 4G/LTE with SX-7 Antenna Technology that can be utilized on LigTel’s 700MHz LTE and AWS concurrently. During the evaluation and testing period, BEC worked closely with LigTel to troubleshot issues and helped develop and customize special firmware for them. … Read More

Fixed Wireless Broadband, connected city.

Customer Sucess: Bug Tussel Wireless

Bug Tussel Wireless and BEC Technologies are cooperatively working together to further innovate the management and automation of devices. In addition, several sites will be upgraded from 3G to 4G in the future to increase the bandwidth to keep up with the customer demand for more! These are a couple of things being done to continue creating a superior customer Internet experience for rural customers in Wisconsin. … Read More

Customer Success: 3 ISPs received prominent results by selected BEC’s 4G LTE Routers for their customers

Please hear from three network operators, who have experienced the high performance and quality of BEC’s 6200WZL 4G/LTE Residential Router. … Read More