Wireline (xDSL, FTTH, Ethernet)

BEC Technologies case study with Armstrong Telephone

Case Study: Armstrong Telephone Company

Quality of the products, simple installation, easy customization, and devoted customer support from BEC truly earned the trust and satisfaction of Armstrong Telephone. Using BEC devices has enabled Armstrong to deliver a great product with minimal failure and replacements. For more then eight years partnership, BEC has helped Armstrong Telephone achieve business success through customer satisfaction and less repeat visits. … Read More

Case Study: Custer Telephone Cooperative Inc.

For Custer Telephone and many other similar environments, BEC Technologies’ equipment has proven its ability to easily handle the rigors of providing reliable internet services to the unserved and underserved communities. BEC customers expect increased stability and better overall performance, resulting in less maintenance than other products in the industry.

BEC’s CPE offerings have helped Custer Telephone save on truck rolls and time spent on the phone with their customers. Service with great up time is what makes Custer Telephones’ customers happy. When Ben was asked why he would recommend BEC, he responded with, “BEC products just work. One less thing I have to worry about as an IT Manager.” … Read More

LigTel Communication Partnering with BEC Technologies

Customer Success: LigTel Communication

As a 5+ year customer of BEC Technologies, LigTel looked to BEC for options regarding a stable and high performance 4G/LTE CPE solution after benefits from the reliable BEC 7402 and 5200 Series DSL products. After consultation with LigTel’s LTE deployment team regarding their product and network requirements, BEC introduced the 6200WZL 4G/LTE with SX-7 Antenna Technology that can be utilized on LigTel’s 700MHz LTE and AWS concurrently. During the evaluation and testing period, BEC worked closely with LigTel to troubleshot issues and helped develop and customize special firmware for them. … Read More

using internet in a rural area

Customer Sucess: Nemont Telephone Cooperative

In 2013, Nemont began offering mobile broadband services via 4G LTE to their business and residential customers. Nemont realizes a key technical requirement of mobile broadband service is to maintain stable cellular connectivity. That is the reason Nemont has chosen the BEC 6200WZL Cellular Router, a high capacity residential and business broadband router that leverages the latest 4G LTE technology and BEC’s unique SX-7 antenna gain distribution technology to increase and stabilize its mobile data coverage. Nemont Telephone and its wireless subsidiary Sagebrush Cellular are in the process of deploying BEC’s 4G LTE cellular routers to remote locations to improve the quality of service. … Read More

Couple uses laptop and very happy with the triple play internet service

Case Study: Green Hills Companies

Why did Green Hills Companies choose BEC Technologies? Charles Erke, Information Systems Manager, answered, “Pricing was good and support was great. They even had an engineer come on-site to get things set up for us on both the DSLAM and modem side in the early going.” Since DSL was fairly new to them, BEC was able to open up the programming on the modems and assist the technicians in properly conguring them to work with all access platforms set up in the network. … Read More

two boys play video game. Enjoying Triple Play network service

Case Study: Pioneer Telephone Cooperative

By deploying the 2071 Homeplug AV adapters in the network, Pioneer has increased installation efficiency, capacity, and safety. Increased capacity centers around the greatly decreased installation times per customer site, per technician. Also, with the extreme summer heat in Oklahoma, an attic run Ethernet installation generally requires two-man crews in order to be safe and efficient. Due to these factors, the 2071 Homeplug AV provides a simple and safe installation process that does not require entrance into the customers’ attic, thus expediting single field technician installations. … Read More

Cloud device management system.

Customer Success: 3 Teleco companies found BEC’s Cloud Device Management System enormously appealing

Please read the testimonials from several Telco companies, who found the BEC’s Cloud Management System enormously appealing. … Read More