BEC Technologies customer success story from MobiNet LLC

The Customer:

MobiNet LLC Logo

MobiNet LLC of Gilmer, Texas is a provider of fixed LTE broadband services, which enables faster and more reliable internet services to those previously underserved rural areas.

BEC has proven to be a strong and reliable partner in our endeavors. As a service provider, we know that a product has to be solid, but support after deployment is just as important; maybe more. We feel that BEC lives up to our ideals and are completely satisfied as their customer.

Business Manager at MobiNet LLC


Why the Choice of BEC Technologies?

In order to ensure the best possible range, speed and reliability, MobiNet began in-depth testing of various CPE to find the best match for its service offerings and quality standards. As a result of those tests, MobiNet has chosen the BEC 6200 Series IDU and 6800 Series ODU as their CPE products for their current and future network expansion.

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