Case Study: United Wireless

Executive Summary

United Wireless, located in Dodge City, Kansas, was approached by a local school district with a need for continuing education aboard their school bus fleet. United Wireless provided the 4G LTE service, while BEC and their MX-1000 provided the technology to not only make the extended classroom possible but with enhanced safety and efficiency tools all in one product.

The Customer

United Wireless’s parent company was shaped in 1951 when Southwestern Bell decided it was not in their interest to extend coverage to those living in the rural areas outside of Dodge City, Kansas. Fast forward to 2016, United Wireless has more towers and better coverage than any other provider in Southwestern Kansas. Their foundation was founded on the ambition to bring the latest and greatest technology to its rural Kansas customers and they continue to work towards that goal today.


Because of this reputation, United Wireless was approached by a local school district, with the hopes of continuing the digital classroom while transporting the students to and from the physical one. United Wireless has the 4G LTE to provide to the school district but needed a partner to supply the connection solution to make this hope a reality. BEC Technologies was the perfect solution to providing 4G LTE wireless gateways to offer solutions that provide secure, robust, and reliable network connectivity for the school district’s fleet of 56 school buses.

How BEC Product Helped

The MX-1000 multi-carrier in-vehicle router features Multi-WAN radios for seamless failover between carriers that can support a high number of connected users for internet access, streaming videos, and other applications. With a captive portal and secure access, the MX-1000 provides multiple authentication methods ensuring secure access to network assets for sanctioned devices and user accounts. BEC’s MX-1000 not only delivered the gateway for United Wireless to supply its 4G LTE to enhance learning opportunities for students but provided them with a safe way for the students to connect to existing school-based filtering applications.


BEC’s MX-1000 in-vehicle router provided more than an always-on connection for the local school districts learning initiatives. GPS Tracking, Reporting, and real-time video surveillance features make the MX-1000 the most robust choice when providing a safe learning space for children. Embedded GPS functionality provides instant and accurate school bus tracking and location, giving parents and teachers the confidence of knowing the exact whereabouts of the school buses carrying their precious cargo. The reporting feature empowers the administration to manage operational efficiency by monitoring the route, fuel consumption, and driver behavior. The MX-1000 can also seamlessly incorporate your surveillance system giving administration access to watch the live, real-time video that can help monitor pupil behavior, enforce safety rules and provide assistance should an accident happen.


Many school districts have numerous technology initiatives to enhance the learning opportunities for students inside and outside of the classroom. The MX-1000 provides a host of benefits for students, parents, drivers, and school administrators. One school district in Southwestern Kansas’s goal of integrating a mobile/cellular gateway, onboard Global Positioning System (GPS), Passenger Wi-Fi connectivity, Video cameras, and other capabilities was realized with BEC and United Wireless.

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