Executive Summary

Local and family owned Cross Telephone has been providing telecommunication services in rural eastern Oklahoma for over 100 years. Through its division, Cross Wireless they continue to narrow the digital divide between rural and urban areas. Cross invested heavily in 4G LTE infrastructure building out a network with the promise of delivering high-speed broadband and the most up-to-date services possible. To take full advantage of the LTE technology and accelerate the deployment of rural wireless broadband service Cross select the BEC Technologies 6300VNL 4G LTE Router.

The Customer

Cross Wireless is a wholly owned subsidiary of privately-owned Cross Telephone headquartered in Warner, Oklahoma. Cross Telephone was founded in 1911 and incorporated in 1953.
Cross also offers specialized services, including Cross Television which brings the best in digital television, and residential internet service, Cross High-Speed Internet and Cross Communications which provides communications equipment and service for business. Cross Wireless, is the latest division, offering LTE data service and additional devices such as 4G LTE smartphones, home gateways, and business solutions.


Delivering broadband in rural areas is a challenge onto itself as often it’s just not economically viable. Cross had to determine the most efficient and cost-effective technology to overcome the economic difficulties while ensuring high-speed connectivity to meet the demands of over 350,000 residents in eastern and southeastern Oklahoma.

Early-on Cross determined that a 4G LTE network promised to fulfill the requirements they needed in terms of data rates, latency, and coverage. They embarked on a 3-phase network buildout approach. Cross deployed 4G LTE fixed wireless utilizing the 700MHz, 1900MHz and 2100MHz spectrum that they own as well as participating in the Verizon LRA program. The program extends the footprint of 4G LTE coverage for both the rural carrier and Verizon, as customers can take advantage of both networks.

The complete the end to end 4G LTE fixed wireless network, Cross needed a reliable and proven 4G LTE UE (User Equipment) to communicate with the network and extend connectivity into the home. Cross selected the BEC 6300VNL 4G LTE Router as it was the only available device supported their licensed spectrum bands, Verizon OD certification for the LRA program and meet the desired performance for each service offering.

How BEC Product Helped

The 6300VNL 4G LTE Routers immediately resolve coverage and capacity challenges providing more than enough WAN bandwidth even at several miles from the nearest tower. The routers are engineered to deliver fast speed and reliable connectivity to meet the geographic and service level requirements of Cross’s LTE network. The 6300VNL is more capable and offer more functionality than a standard 4G LTE UE device. It’s a multi-service device supporting dual-WAN interfaces (4G/LTE) and Gigabit Ethernet WAN (EWAN), 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch, carrier-class Wi-Fi, integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) with advanced telephony, enterprise routing and stateful inspection firewall. Cross has a single integrated device capable of both last-mile residential fixed wireless services and robust business internet connectivity. Cross can continue to leverage the 6300VNL capabilities with new service offerings such as video, VoIP, business continuity failover.


The 6300VNL continues to deliver consistent broadband speed and robust performance, even at peak times, allowing Cross Wireless to deliver on their broadband promise to customers. Cross Wireless can meet today’s service requirements but also address the future needs of its customers.


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