Partnering with BEC Technologies, West Central Wireless establishes a new sustainable mission-critical communication link for San Angelo Fire Department


Executive Summary

Internet Provider: West Central Wireless

End-User: San Angelo Fire Department

Product: MX-1000 Multi-Carrier 4G/LTE Router

Application: Public Safety/In-Vehicle Connectivity

Data Connectivity: 4G/LTE Wireless Service

Results: By deploying BEC’s MX-1000 Multi-Carrier 4G/LTE Router, the San Angelo Fire Department successfully maintains a mission-critical communication in-vehicle network.

The Success Story:

In response to establishing a public safety network and maintaining mission-critical capabilities, especially during times of great stress, the San Angelo Fire Department (SAFD) decided to equip their current fire trucks with internet access. They reached out to West Central Wireless, a local wireless service provider serving Central and West Texas, for help. 

West Central Wireless selected BEC’s MX-1000 Multi-Carrier 4G/LTE Router along with their own 4G/LTE wireless service as the in-vehicle network solution for SAFD. The MX-1000 Multi-Carrier 4G/LTE Router is a feature-rich, high-performance all-in-one wireless communication platform with multi-WAN interfaces, enabling reliable and secure wireless connectivity for mission-critical applications. Dual SIM dual radio, seamless failover to ensure always-on connection, the carrier-grade Wi-Fi access point with Hotspot, intelligent ignition sensing, and rugged and hardened design are parts of the variety of configurable options.

As a result, 35 vehicles in the San Angelo Fire Department are deployed with BEC’s MX-1000 Multi-Carrier 4G/LTE Router. The durability and extensive coverage it provides ensures the SAFD with reliable, mission-critical capabilities. The new communication link supports digital imaging, video streaming, voice, large data download, and other abilities which cannot be maintained over a traditional communication channel.

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