Maine-based Internet Service Provider Utilizing CBRS Shared Spectrum and Fixed Wireless Technology to Bring Affordable, High-speed Internet Access to Rural Maine

We are happy to be partnering with Outer Reach Broadband on bringing the most advanced internet services to Maine and the surrounding communities.

Dave Tews, President at XtremeLTE

Executive Summary

Internet Service Provider: Outer Reach Broadband

Strategic Partners: BEC Technologies, XremeLTE, Ericsson

Radio Access Network (RAN): Ericsson Radio System

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE): BEC RidgeWave® 6900 R21 CBRS LTE-A Pro Outdoor Router

Application: CBRS Fixed Wireless Acess

Result: Utilizing cutting-edge LTE technology, Outer Reach is able to provide over 500 homes in rural Maine with high-speed, reliable internet service at an affordable price.

The Success Story:

Since founded, Outer Reach Broadband, a Maine-based internet service provider, has been on a mission to close Maine’s digital divide by providing fast and reliable internet access, but at a fraction of the cost and time to deploy. The reason why Outer Reach chose to utilize the CBRS shared spectrum and fixed wireless technology.

Supported by the strategic partners, Xtreme LTE, Ericsson, and BEC Technologies, Outer Reach quickly deployed the radios and equipment. Soon successfully provided over 500 homes of Long Lake in the towns of Harrison and Naples with high-speed, reliable internet service at an affordable price.

To ensure meet their network performance goal, Outer Reach deployed BEC RidgeWave® 6900R21 CBRS outdoor router as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

Built specifically for CBRS fixed wireless access, the 6900R21 is a high-power LTE Category B CPE-CBSD. It features carrier aggregation up to 3CA DL/2CA UL, a high-gain 15dBi 4X4 MIMO directional antenna, and delivers up to 38 dBm output power. CBRS deployments with the 6900R21 will achieve increased capacity, higher throughput, and extended coverage.

With the success of Long Lake, Outer Reach Broadband will continually have multiple rollouts across rural Maine throughout 2022.

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