Executive Summary

Accents, a local indie fashion retail store, selected BEC’s 6300VNL router and its Multi-WAN failover connectivity solution created a secure, continuous and dependable network connection. With this new less disruption network, Accents has been minimized their revenue loss significantly.

The Customer

Accents is popular retail shop featuring styles that caters to the fashion centric women of the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. Founded in 2006 with its first location in Dallas, Texas, the brand opened its second brick and mortar shop in 2013 in Southlake, Texas, while maintaining on online presence. Accents feature a blend of local and popular indie brands that are sure to add flare to any North Texan’s wardrobe.


With fewer people carrying cash, a break in connectivity can cause the store to refuse revenue or take card payments against PCI compliance. Charging a card without authorization can open a store to security risks, fraud, and other vulnerabilities. Security and loss of revenue are not the only concerns caused by a connection malfunction. Frustrated customers can take to social media, causing lasting damage to your brand’s reputation.

Besides all the challenges above, North Texas’ unpredictable weather has caused numerous connectivity interruptions in the past year. In order to maintain a growing business, Accents decided to look into business continuity options.

How BEC Product Helped

Accents chose BEC‘s 6300 VNL router to provide them with Multi-WAN failover connectivity. The Auto-failover feature guarantees maximum connectivity with minimum service disruption. The feature provides seamless immediate failover with traffic prioritization to the secondary WAN interface within seconds, should the primary WAN fail. The router will also fallback when the main interface connection is re-established.For the best part, the functionality of BEC 6300VNL router is not only limited Auto-failover between WAN connections, it also offers Auto-failover between 4G LTE and WAN connections.


The BEC 63000 VNL enables Accents to keep the entire store connected in a 24/7 operation mode. As a small business, providing flawless customer service is the top priority for Accents. Business continuity with the 6300 VNL allows Accents to never turn down a transaction while keeping their customers’ data safe and secure.


Nowadays retail businesses are contingent on continuous and dependent internet connectivity. Any interruption can create a devastating impact on everything from revenues and reputation. In order to maintain a fast growing path business, Failover/Business continuity network solution is the best option for business owners. BEC’s product solution is designed to maximize your revenue.

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