Case Study

Case Study: Pioneer Telephone Cooperative

The Customer:

Pioneer is the third largest Independent Telephone Cooperative in the United States and is recognized as a leader in telecommunications throughout the state of Oklahoma. Diversification has contributed to the success of Pioneer along with its more than 140,000 members and customers throughout western Oklahoma and southern Kansas. Pioneer provides an array of telecommunications services including Local Telephone Service, Wireless Broadband, Digital TV, Cellular, High-Speed Internet, Long Distance, Security Systems, Business Solutions, and Yellow Pages Advertisement.


Pioneer Telephone Cooperative covers a vast majority of northwest Oklahoma with Telephone, Wireless, IPTV and Copper/FTTH Data service. This expansive coverage territory coupled with these high end services has been a great attribute to Pioneers growth, but can also become a burden to any reasonably sized technical crew. Due to the long truck roll travel distances and complexity of hardwired installs, Pioneer decided to look for alternative methods to the ever common, reliable, yet cumbersome Ethernet based IPTV installation.


Customer Success Story: Benefiting from BEC Remote Management

BEC Cloud Management System:

BECloud® is a Cloud-based centralized management platform designed to offer Service Providers an advanced level of remote access and management of BEC xDSL modems, routers and multi-service gateways. With its comprehensive management tools, the BEC Cloud Management System can minimize deployment, support expenses, and maximize the operational efficiency and profitability for a service provider.

Several Telcos find the BEC Cloud Management System enormously appealing in their testimonials:


Customer Success Story: 3 Network Providers Benefit from BEC’s 4G LTE Routers

High Quality and Performance of BEC’s 4G LTE Routers

BEC 6200WZL is a high capacity residential and business broadband router that leverages the latest 4G/LTE technology as its primary fixed broadband connection. It incorporates BEC’s unique SX-7 antenna gain technology to increase and stabilize mobile data coverage. Please hear from three operators below, who have experienced the high performance and quality of BEC’s 6200WZL 4G/LTE Residential Router.