BEC Technologies case study with City of Mexia Police Department

Case Study: City of Mexia Police Department

After a successful evaluation, the Mexia police department deployed BEC’s Multi-Carrier 4G LTE MX-1200 routers. The size and dimension of MX-1200 including the mounting bracket made for a perfect fit under the center console, cutting down the installation time and easier installation and connection of the external roof mound antenna. Mexia police officers now can trust that their connection will remain secure and reliable in order to fully perform their duties efficiently. … Read More

Case Study: West Central Wireless and SAFD

In result, 35 vehicles in the San Angelo Fire Department are deployed with BEC’s MX-1000 Multi-Carrier 4G/LTE Router. The durability and extensive coverage it provides ensures the SAFD with reliable, mission-critical capabilities. The new communication link supports digital imaging, video streaming, voice, large data download, and other abilities which cannot be maintained over a traditional communication channel. … Read More

BEC Technologies customer success story with Lifeboat Distribution

Customer Success: Lifeboat Distribution

BEC’s engineer did a quick geography assessment, recommended using BEC’s 4700AZ 4G/LTE Router along with 4G/LTE Wireless data as the solution. BEC’s 4700AZ is the industry’s first outdoor LTE router with 802.11ac hotspot. The carrier-grade hotspot and high capacity can provide more than enough Wi-Fi coverage for the entire event. Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows for installation without having to connect to AC power. Most importantly, the compact and industrial-rugged IP68 enclosure is designed to work in harsh weather conditions. … Read More

BEC Technologies customer success with Blue Wireless and The Broadway Market

Customer Success: Blue Wireless and The Broadway Market

In results, the free Public Wi-Fi is not only boosting the people’s shopping experience, but more importantly, will create a long-term positive impact on the local communities. According to Mayor Byron Brown, “Our senior citizens who are retired, who come to the Broadway Market to hang out, will now be able to get onto Wi-Fi easily. And we might even now start seeing parents in the neighborhood bring children to do their homework here at the Broadway Market.” … Read More

BEC Technologies customer success story with Advanced Mobile Solution and Malden Housing Authority

Customer Success: Advanced Mobile Solution and Malden Housing Authority

In result, Advanced Mobile Solutions deployed 4 BEC 4700AZ outdoor routers in four centrally located sheds. All boilers are connected by the deployed routers through Wi-Fi Hotspot. The goal has been accomplished with only using 4 connectivity devices, proving to be a cost-effective, quick and easy deployment. Malden Housing Authority is very satisfied with the results. … Read More

Case Study: Cross Wireless

The 6300VNL delivers consistent broadband speed and robust performance, even at peak times, allowing Cross Wireless to deliver on their broadband promise to customers with ease. In addition, they can continue to leverage the 6300VNL capabilities with new service offerings such as video, VoIP, business continuity failover. … Read More

SSi Micro

Case Study: SSi Micro

SSi Micro deployed BEC’s outdoor routers for internet service in Northern Canada … Read More

San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Event

Case Study: West Central Wireless and San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo

West Central Wireless deployed BEC’s 4700 for Wi-Fi service at San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Event … Read More

Last mile broadband internet access

Case Study: Agri-Valley Services

Agri-Valley Services selected the BEC 6900 outdoor routers to provide last mile broadband internet access through its truNet LTE wireless service. … Read More

Amazon Jungle of Peru

Case Study: Telefónica

BEC 6900 4G/LTE Outdoor Wideband Router has revolutionized the wireless landscape in the jungle-like environment through a partnership with Telefónica. … Read More